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Smash Cake - Reign - Milk bath

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

I was asked to do a really special smash cake session this time. Not only would we do the traditional photos with the smash cake but mama wanted to do a milk bath session as well. I had done milk baths for adults already but this was a cute opportunity.

The client sent me some photo examples of what she was looking for and I saw that she wanted a cupcake style cake. I knew I needed to find help for that so I contacted Sweetcakes to help me out with the cake. She also offered to make a onsie as well which the client also wanted.

It was a darling cake and baby was just eating it up. We did a few shots of her in the onsie and several without.

What better way to clean up from the cake than a milk bath. I went and found this cute little tub to match up with our color theme. I added some floral decorations as well. I think this came out really cute.

Someone was having a lot of fun in the bath. She was splashing away. I think these photos came out great so I'm glad her mama gave me a call and asked for this new style of smash cakes. I will be adding this style as a new package if anyone else is interested. It's a great way to get more photos.

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