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A Little About Me-Personally

Hi! My name is Adriana Spetter and I am an Alamogordo New Mexico Photographer specializing in maternity, newborn, and children photography. I'm a military brat born in Italy but grew up in El Paso, Tx. I married my first love  Kevin and we have lived in Alamogordo for ten years.  We have a wonderful son named Michael.   I have done many other jobs before photography including child care where I took care of mainly babies.  After having my premature son I took time off to be a full-time mother.   I have worked a few other jobs but I was always looking for something that I would be passionate about.  I struggled also in the workforce due to my hearing impairment and I found photography was a great way for me to express myself.  I did photography part-time for about a year and enjoyed it.  I then decided to become a full-time photographer which I have now been for many years. Photography for me is more than just a job- it's a creative outlet that lets me create beautiful art and allows me to celebrate in people's lives. 

A Little About Me- Professionally

With my start in child care for two wonderful years with babies, I grew a strong love for babies.  When I decided to become a newborn photographer I studied under successful newborn photographers who taught workshops for those photographers wanting to specialize in newborn photography.   I then saw that maternity photography was an obvious addition to my services.  I then invested in multiple maternity dresses to provide in my maternity photography sessions at no additional charge.  I invested heavily in newborn props, clothing for those special newborn sessions.  I also do smash cake photography and again invested in many props, and backdrops to fit multiple themes.  I'm even known to make a custom theme if necessary which has become quite popular.  Since most of the photography I enjoy is more of a one on one style I decided to add Senior portrait sessions to my services.  Many of my photos from White Sands seem to get a lot of attention and I tend to book a lot of out-of-town clients who want a special session out at White Sands.  I always get a kick to see how far some are willing to travel to have that special photography session.  My years in working with and studying small children have made me a firm believer in respecting each child (no matter how small) as a unique individual with needs that are meant to be honored. I love getting to know each infant and child and I listen to them in each session to make sure they are comfortable and secure.

You want the best for your baby and safety is my number one concern. I am experienced ( I have photographed over 200 babies) and am safety trained as well as fully vaccinated. I am a member of the PPA and am also fully insured. The professional in me loves education and I am always working on my craft by regularly seeking new training as well as self-reflection. 

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