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Cake Smash - The Notorious One birthday

1 year old sitting with a shirt that says The Notorious one.

Celebrating a first birthday is a big milestone for your little one and many like to celebrate that with a cake smash session. This little guy's mama wanted to do The Notorious ONE theme and shared some example photos for inspiration. Fortunately, my backdrop company sold one of the drops that she shared with me. I just had to add a few extra props to fit the theme.

1st birthday photo for Notorious one with a collage that spells O N E

Fortunately, his agent booked the venue a few months in advance, allowing us to get all the material (props) necessary for the stage. We were able to get catering (cake). Wardrobe (mom) did a great job of getting his multiple outfits prepared for his performance. All we needed was for him to put on the show and I was there to photograph it.

The Notorious one smash cake theme with a boy wearing a gold chain and black pants while holding a microphone and sitting on a chair.

This little guy stole hearts with his adorable large gold chain, wonderful smile, and dynamic lyrics. It just took a little bit for him to warm up on the stage and put on his performance. Mom provided the T-shirt and gold chain and I then supplied the rest of the props.

first birthday cake smash theme called the notorious one.  Boy is sitting with gold chain around him shirtless and wearing black pants.  He has a microphone laying on the floor behind him and a cake that matches the gold, black ballons in the background.

Catering was provided for by Monicakes with this wonderfully designed cake as the main dish. He did need that extra energy to perform without being weighed down with a heavy meal. It wasn't long before part of it already got on him though.

Notorious one cake smash theme with a one year old boy smashing his cake.

He was Notorious 4 S U R E and soon his performance wore him down. His outfit and body were stained with delicious icing and cake. He just needed to put on one last hit to close out the show.

1 year old boy taking a fake bubble bath for a 1st birthday shoot.

His final performance was rub-a-dub-dub down in the bubble bathtub. Mom and I had our lighters up and this was a sweet serenade. He thanked everyone for coming and supporting him on this important milestone. It was bittersweet as we knew this was the end of the performance and soon our little superstar would be jetted off to his next location. At least I have some wonderful photographs to remember this adorable little guy with as well as his mom. I wish them all the best and hope to see them again someday.

If you want to have a cake smash experience for your little one be sure to reach out at least a month in advance so I can get on the baker's schedule and get any additional materials if necessary. You can see what current themes I have available on my cake smash page but we can do a custom one as well like this one was.

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