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A Wild One smash cake - Noah

Smash cake sessions are a great way to celebrate your child's first birthday. When you request one of these sessions I always ask if there is a particular theme. For this little guy his mama wanted a Wild One smash cake based upon the book "Where the Wild Things are".

Mama had the outfit so I just needed to supply the rest of the setup. For the cake I of course purchased it through Monicakes who has been nailing what I need for these sessions. It's nice having her just a few doors down from my studio where I can pick up the cake. This releases the mama's from the stress of having to deal with the cake and just bringing their child to the session.

When I take smash cake photos I like to get at least one photo of each letter spelling out "O-N-E" so that I can create a little collage of them and make a cute little banner like this. To finish up the set I purchased a new Wild One banner and garland with the characters in it. I already had the tent that I have used in previous sessions. Then added a few plants to finish off the look.

The fun part of the smash cakes is watching the birthday child tearing into the cake and making a bit of a mess. We normally have the parents behind me when I'm taking the photos so they can get the child's attention to look right at me. This photo captured him perfectly. It almost looks like he's posing be he was hitting the cake and just happened to look up at this moment.

For one of my last shots I love to shot how much damage was done to the poor cake. I generally give the left over cake to mama but as you can tell there wasn't a lot left. That's one really smashed cake! At least he had a lot of fun and I got a lot of cute pictures. Reach out to me to book your smash cake for your little one.

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