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Monika's 21st birthday photo session

Woman holding rose gold, pink and white party balloons while wearing a rose gold skirt

Monika wanted to celebrate her 21st birthday with a special photo session. She requested some rose gold balloons and a cake to go with it. Since pink was also going to be in her colors I went ahead and ordered a new pink seamless backdrop which worked wonderfully for her session. I then ordered a set of balloons that were rose gold, pink and white. I happened to have a rose gold colored skirt with matching top and had her wear that for part of her photo session.

woman holding a rose wine while wearing a rose gold skirt celebrating her 21st birthday

I then purchased a non-alcoholic sparkling cider that looked like a rosé wine. We took several photos in this outfit and then she had brought her old outfit to change into. This was such a refreshing change to the cake smashes which I normally do for 1 and 2 year olds to celebrate another important milestone in someone's life.

woman holding birthday cake and rose wine glass wearing a pink sparkling gown standing in front of a pink paper backdrop and number 21 balloons.

I had also ordered a a large set of rose gold numbers for 21. She switched in to the outfit that she brought and pulled out the cake as well for a few photos. Now with this outfit you could see her beautiful heels that she wore,

woman holding a birthday cake and a rose wine glass wearing a pink sparkling dress and high heels standing in front of a pink backdrop with balloons on the floor.

Monika had so much fun at her photo session and it was the perfect way to celebrate her 21st birthday. If you have a special milestone coming up or just want to update your photos you should talk to me about booking a photo session. If you book the studio you can take your photos in private without feeling shy and you can be yourself.

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