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White Sands Maternity session for Gianna

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Photo of pregnant woman wearing a pink lace maternity gown with the wavy dunes of white sands as a backdrop
The wavy lines of sand dunes in White Sands can be seen in this picture of this stunning mama.

White Sands National Monument is a popular location to take pictures due to it's majestic nature. I personally love doing maternity photos there especially when I can capture an unspoiled dune and see all of the wavy lines that the wind has cut into the sand. This is one of my favorite photos of Gianna that we did for her maternity session. She picked out my pink lace gown and just looked so stunning in it. A truly beautiful mama who was so sweet and patient as we battled the winds during her session.

Father kissing belly of pregnant wife with their unborn child
Proud dad kissing the belly of this beautiful mama.

I actually had two sessions with Gianna with one being out of White Sands and another session back at the studio for a more personal touch. For her White Sands session we got the opportunity to take some photos with hubby as well. In this photo he is kissing the belly of his future child and eagerly waiting for him.

Pregnant woman leaning on her husbands arm taken in White Sands National Monument
Leaning on his strength

To fight off the wind we had to have her face into the wind so her hair would blow back instead of forward or sideways. Unfortunately that meant the wind was blowing right into her face. So with sand blowing at her she was able to keep her smile going. In this photo I get a look into her beautiful eyes and warm smile as she leans in on hubby. This is one of my favorite poses to do with mama and daddy.

father and expecting mother embraced in the setting sun at White Sands National Monument
Feeling that glow of the setting sun

As the sun started to set we got a beautiful glow that bathed this lovely couple. I love how the colors change during this golden hour where the light is softer. Here we captured proud daddy facing forward and embracing his lovely family.

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