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Studio Maternity For Karla G.

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Karla was a beautiful mama from El Paso Texas who came up to my studio for a maternity session that included 3 different dresses. She had seen some of my recent couture gowns that I had posted on my Facebook page and wanted to wear them for her maternity photo session.

Pregnant El Paso mama wearing a pink tulle dress holding her hands up to her face while her eyes are closed.

We started out with my pink Katy gown which is a couture gown made with tulle. We photographed her against my grey seamless backdrop and added some jewelry that I had recently picked up for my clients to use.

Expecting El Paso mama laying down and gazing into the camera wearing a pink tulle couture gown.   She is laying down with one hand behind her head and one hand on her exposed pregnant belly.

This is one of my favorite shots to do for my clients in studio wearing the tulle gowns. I just love the extra layers of fabric that surrounds the mama's in this.

El Pasos mother to be wearing a red tulle skirt with matching bell sleeves standing in front of a red floral backdrop.  She is also wearing a turquoise necklace and looking into the camera with a beautiful smile.

For her second outfit she went with my garnet colored tulle skirt with a matching bell sleeve crop top. This gave her a very classy look while still showing her sweet spirit.

Two photos of a El Paso Pregnant woman wearing a red tulle skirt with matching bell sleeves.  In the first photo she is looking into the camera with one hand on top of her belly and one hand below it.  The second photo both hands are below her belly and she is looking down and away from the camera.

To complete this look at added again one of my necklaces that I had recently acquired to give mama's some additional choices for their maternity session.

Two photos of an El Paso mama wearing a honey colored tulle couture robe.  She is sitting on a swing in both photos.  In the first photo she is looking down and to the right while her hands are under her belly.  The second photo she is looking at the camera and smiling with one hand on top of her belly and one below.

She then picked out my honey colored tulle robe for her third dress option and I went with my light colored floral backdrop to give it that sweet look. We also brought out my floral swing that I had created and I put white flowers in it to match the theme of the backdrop and the dress.

Two photos of a soon mommy to be wearing a honey couture robe.  In the first photo her body is facing to the left with her hands on top of her belly with it exposed and her face is turned to the right.  In the second photo she is facing the camera with her hand on her cheek and wearing a tiara.

We then did some additional poses in this gown with her standing and she wore a princess tiara. She was a pleasure to work with and I'm so glad she came up for a studio portraits for her maternity. With fabulous sessions like this it shows that choosing a studio session for your maternity photos can be a great choice.

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