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Studio maternity session for Anijah S.

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Anijah had booked her studio maternity session knowing that she could get multiple looks. She had booked her sessions directly from my booking site. I reached out to her afterwards to get an idea of what she wanted for her maternity session. She had a few examples of what she was looking for as inspiration. Some I have done before and some was new to me.

The first thing she knew she wanted is that she wanted a tulle couture robe. I had just a few at the time of her booking but knew I had some more coming in. Fortunately this honey colored robe had come in and she loved it. We ended up using this backlit window backdrop for the first part of her maternity photo session.

I took several photos of her in various poses in the couture gown including one of her laying down. It was great getting a chance to use my new tulle robes with the new colors and seeing how well they photographed on this gorgeous mama.

The second photo she showed me for inspiration was one of my own where another mama had wore this golden mocha fabric. It is sheer so I have to blend it to give more coverage. The draping fabric is becoming popular and I keep getting requests to do it. That's one of the benefits of having your maternity session done at the studio is we can do some of the intimate private shots that you couldn't do with an outdoor session.

She also requested a photo on a floral swing which was a challenge for me as it wasn't something I had done. I did have a wooden swing with ropes and I do have a lot of flowers and garland and was able to fashion this for her. She then wanted the burnt orange gown that I had just recently received for her floral swing photos. I then put in some matching flowers to match the gown.

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