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Smash Cake - Lumberjack

Lumber Jack Smash cake photo session for one year old boy

Smash Cake sessions are a great way to celebrate that special someone turning one years old. With a smash cake session you can go simple or you can go all out and for this little guy we wanted a special one. Mama wanted a lumberjack type theme so I used one of my Premium backdrops from Baby Dream backdrops and added some additional props to accent it. I created this banner hanging above him plus added quite a few other props that I had purchased. I used a wood floor to go with the wood theme. Added some actual firewood plus some plaid and "into the wild" accessories that I had picked up.

One year old boy in overalls and plaid shirt for lumber jack smash cake theme

Since this was a Deluxe Smash cake session I went and purchased this cake from Monicakes which followed our lumberjack theme. She was able to get the cake to actually look like a log which I thought would be more difficult doing frosting over fondant but she did it and it looked amazing. It was obviously good too because this little guy tore into it and gobbled it up.

Tree stump smash cake designed by Monicakes

As you can see he really got into the cake. You can see the detail and hard work that was put into this cake. I was very happy with how well this turned out and very happy to be working with her.

Cabin themed photo shoot for one year old boy

I did a second setup as well that we actually shot before getting all messy in the smash cake. I used my new grey mini sofa along with a few into the wild props. Complete with a banner in the back and adventure sign on the side and a cute little bear to keep this adorable guy company. Our star wore a different outfit which fit the theme.

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