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Maternity session for Emily at White Sands

Updated: May 26, 2019

White maternity dress photo captured in White Sands National Monument

When Emily picked out her dress for her maternity session she wanted a white dress and liked the long flowing open belly dress that I have. She also told me that she wanted her shoot in White Sands National Monument which I was happy to oblige. Since this is completely open belly she found some white bikini suit that fit wonderfully with this session.

Pregnant mama wearing a white maternity dress in White Sands.

Even though it was very bright out she managed to outshine the sun and the dress managed to show against the white backdrop of White Sands.

Expecting couple photo taken at White Sands

We had some photos with the future daddy to be and this ended up being one of my favorite photos of the session.

Maternity photo with two dresses combined as one shot at White Sands

Then to make some more conservative photos we tossed in our white fitted dress underneath the other dress which works well as a combo and makes it appear as one dress with a tossing train.

Butterfly pose for maternity shoot at White Sands

Combing the two dresses just gives us so much more versatility and gives us additional poses that we can do.

Proud papa kissing his wife's pregnant belly at White Sands

Pulled in proud papa for one more photo kissing his unborn child.

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