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Maternity - Priscilla - Lady in Red

El Paso mama wearing a stunning red dress in White Sands National Monument

White Sands National Monument is always a great setting for photographing a maternity session and is one of my most requested locations. I get many clients from out of town that want their photos done at this beautiful monument. Priscilla came from El Paso and wanted her photos done there as well. I had just got in this new stunning red dress and she picked that as one of her dresses for her maternity session. The red stands out very well against the white sands and this mama is such a beauty she is rocking this dress.

I took several photos of Priscilla by herself but I loved having daddy involved in the photos as well. There was a special love between them and you could see they were excited to be having this new joy together. I have so many great photos of her I had a tough time picking out which ones I wanted to show.

El Paso mama wearing a black lace maternity gown in White Sands National Monument

Her next dress choice was this black lace gown. I had her face the setting sun for this shot which gave her a very warm golden glow. This time the black really stood out against the white sand. I added a black headband for a final touch and this shot is she just looks so stunning here.

Sunsert photo at White Sands National Monument for Maternity photo session

I often get sunset requests for my photo sessions and if you pick the right time you can get the sun as it's about to sneak behind the mountains giving off a wonderful golden glow and making a wonderful backdrop. I normally close out my photo sessions with this because it does get dark quickly afterwards but for a good 20 minutes you can get some wonderful photos.

I also like to capture the couple in the sunset as well. It just creates such a dramatic look that my clients seem to enjoy. Look at the passion between this couple. I'm looking forward to seeing them again.

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