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Maternity photo shoot at Mountain Park for Esperanza

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Esperanza contacted me back in August to let me know that she saw some of my work and inquired if I had an online dress catalog of my dresses. I gave her the link to my online maternity dress gallery that has over 140 maternity gowns. She wanted to find the right gown for herself as she told me she was just under five foot and wanted to make sure I had something that fit her. I assured her that most of my gowns fits all sizes and that I'm barley five foot myself and that the gowns drape very nice and give a nice flowy look.

Pregnant young woman wearing a royal blue maternity gown in an apple orchard in the mountains.

She told me that she lives in El Paso but would be willing to drive to New Mexico to have photos done at some of the beautiful locations I shoot at. She showed me an example photo that I did up at Mountain Park Events and asked if we could shoot there. It's one of my favorite green locations to shoot at and only halfway up to Cloudcroft. What I love about this location is that we have so much different scenery. First off there is an apple orchard and cherry orchard so just like the photo above we got a great photo of the trees bearing fruit.

Husband and wife together in a maternity photo session.  First photo is husband kissing his wife's pregnant belly and second photo is him listening to her belly.

There is another spot on the property that is the original home that was built in the early 1900's. The house isn't occupied anymore and there is a bunch of ivy plants that have grown around it giving a beautiful green look. This is normally the spot that I will do the kiss the belly and listen to the belly shots with the husbands.

A photo of a young woman wearing a royal blue maternity gown standing on a wooden bridge.  Second photo her husband is embracing her.

There is another spot when we first come in and past the gazebo where there is a little wooden bridge. I will normally get several shots of mama in this location and then some of family as well.

Photo of a young pregnant woman holding her belly while wearing a royal blue maternity gown standing on a gravel path surrounded by trees and periwinkle.

This little spot is a gravel path that leads up to the bridge. There are some trees that have grown over the path and some greenery around the path that just looks fantastic during this time.

A young expecting mother making a heart shape on her belly for her maternity photo session while wearing a royal blue maternity gown and standing in front of a pond with ducks.

Not far from the old house there is a path down that leads to the pond. Almost every time I have been there there are ducks swimming around in the pond so I like to get a few shots of the ducks. The tress behind her can change colors too in the fall and give a beautiful golden look.

A beautiful expecting mother holding her belly standing in front of a pond with ducks

This water spot is very popular with my El Paso clients as they don't get to see a lot of water. I will also get some couple shots done at this location and I have done family sessions at this very spot as well.

An expecting couple embracing each other with one photo of them smiling and one photo with their eyes closed.

This spot at Mountain Park Events is one of the locations that they hold weddings. The stone paved ground that this beautiful couple is standing at is where the bridge and groom would normally stand at. The scenery behind them is again the pond but we are now actually at the other side of the pond.

A beautiful soon to be mama wearing a royal blue maternity gown standing on a stone path with a pond behind her

Remember when I said Esperanza looked over my online catalog of gowns. This gown wasn't originally the one she was going to pick but when she arrived at my studio she saw this gown which wasn't on my website yet as I had just received it a few days prior to her session. I'm always looking for new looks and designs and this royal blue gown just looked stunning on her. I was so happy to capture this very special moment for this young couple and I look forward to seeing them again in the future.

You can see behind the scenes footage of Esperanza's maternity session as well as more final photos in this video I made of our session. If you want more information about maternity with me you can look at my maternity investment page.

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