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Maternity - Little Black Gown at White Sands - Mercedes

This maternity session was shot during Golden hour at White Sands National Monument (now known as White Sands National Park). Mercedes had looked at my online dress catalog and picked out this black flowing gown with an open belly. It such a bold color and stands out well against the white sands. Before heading to the park she met me at the studio to pick up some additional accessories.

Mercedes also brought hubby for some photos and I could tell he just adored his beautiful wife and was excited to be expecting their baby. I took several couple photos of them but these were some of my favorites of them together. You can see the color change as the sun began to set during the different sets of photos. I love ending the session with a couple photo being silhouetted by the sun.

When my mama's pick one of the long flowing gowns I like to do a shot with this pose. I usually shoot it towards the end of the session as the sun sets and the light turns golden.

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