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Maternity - Jennifer - Fall in the mountains and White Sands

Maternity photo with mama wearing a rust colored flowing gown standing in front of a tree adorned with yellow leaves.

Jennifer is a Las Cruces mama who wanted her photos at the mountains and White Sands. We started off in the mountains of Cloudcroft in the trestle park where the leaves were changing for fall. Jennifer wore my rust colored long tailed gown which I purchased for fall sessions so this was a perfect location for this dress. Here you see how well it looks against the yellow leaves. This dress has long draping sleeves that gives off an elegant look with this pose.

A maternity photo done in the mountains in fall with red, green and yellow leaves with the woman wearing a rust colored gown.

This gown also has a long train which you can toss. Here we can see some of the evergreens in the background along with the yellow leaves from the other trees. The ground is covered in pine needles and pine cones but this helped give the fall look. You can even see some red in the top left from another tree. So many beautiful colors in one shot it's hard to imagine that we are in a desert but so fortunate to be so close to these mountains with beautiful trees and foliage.

A candy Pink pink maternity gown is worn at a maternity photo shoot at White Sands.  The pink is bright and cheerful over the majestic sand.

For our next location Jennifer wanted some shots out at White Sands National Monument and she had picked out my candy pink gown for this session. The contrast of the colors really stood out and this dress just shined in the bright white background. This was also a new recent dress I had just picked out so Jennifer was my first person to wear this one. This dress has a additional butterfly train where we can do two different types of dress tosses with it.

A maternity photo with a Candy Pink maternity gown with a butterfly tail spread open in the air looking like butterfly wings at White Sands National Monument.

I think this is the signature look for this dress using the split train and doing a toss on each side. It did require two assistants to help make the look without having to Photoshop two different pictures together. I prefer to get the shot as natural as possible and I was very happy with the results of this photo. You can see where the butterfly name comes from for the name of the train.

A candy pink maternity gown with mama wearing a pink flower in her hair.  Photo is taken at White Sands National Monument.

For this shot we did a different dress toss where the fabric flows behind Jennifer. The Chiffon fabric falls gently after a few good tosses and I normally take a few shots of this and then pick out which one I think looks the best. Again I love how well this bright candy pink dress looks on top of the white sand. It really helps this bright and beautiful mama stand out in the majestic scenery. I really had a blast with this photo session as Jennifer was just so much fun to be with with her amazing quirky personality. Thank you for a beautiful session Jennifer.

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