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Lily - Taupe Maternity gown at White Sands

Lily came from El Paso to do her maternity session at White Sands National Park. After going through my client closet of over 70 maternity gowns she picked out my Taupe colored long flowing maternity gown. It would be the first time I got to shoot it out at White Sands so I was looking forward to this session. First off we got to White Sands just as the sun was setting so we first got some photos with that perfect golden glow.

What's nice about this time is the sun isn't harsh and you can get some great shots and get a beautiful skin tone. You do have to do certain angles so you don't get the long shadows in the shots but it is one of my favorite times to get the photos.

One of my clients favorite times to get their photos done at White Sands National Park is to get them around sunset. I have many that want that perfect sunset shot. There are a lot of factors though such as weather and hoping the wind isn't kicking up sand or that the clouds block out the sun. The gown in this photo showed off her beautiful silhouette. I had the long flowing train tossed and allow the long sleeves to drape around her.

We also brought her fiance into several of her photos. At this point in the shoot the sun has nearly set completely changing the color tone of the session.

For this photo I did a wider aperture giving a nice bokeh in the background and focusing on her natural beauty. Lily is such a beautiful mama and she really rocked the session and this dress. I'm glad that she came up from El Paso for her session and she was very happy with her final photos. I look forward to working with her again.

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