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Fine Art Portrait Photos - Angela - Feeling fit and beautiful

I love getting the opportunity to photograph clients again after having previous sessions with them. Angela was my first maternity session that I had done at White Sands when I was first starting out doing Maternity photos. I recently added a new service line of Fine Art Portrait photos where I can get non-maternity mama's to take beautiful photos in studio with some of my new backdrops and gowns.

I put out in Facebook that I was looking for some mama's who wanted to try out this service line. Angela told me she wanted to try it out as it had been so long since she had taken any photos. We found a date that fit both our schedules and she came down to my studio and we looked at a few of my gowns.

We wanted to try out this gown and see how well it would do in studio. It was a new gown that I hadn't got a chance to use and we tried out several different poses with it. With it's long draping sleeves it looked rather elegant on Angela.

Even though this is designed as a maternity gown I think it looks so beautiful on Angela even as fit as she is the gown still manages to complement her and give her that classy look I was going for in this session. I got a chance to try out my new Chaise chair that I bought to have sessions just like this.

After this session I realized I really want to do a lot more of these Fine Art Portrait photo sessions. I've now started collecting more large backdrops that I can use for both family and fine art portraits. Thank you Angela for helping me try this type of session out and realize it's definitely worth investing in.

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