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Couple session at White Sands for Kristina

White Sands National Park is famous for its majestic scenery and multiple square miles of beautiful sand dunes made out of crystal white sand. It's no wonder that the park has attracted over 700,000 visitors a year to it's scenic beauty.

Couple walking together with outstretched arms at White Sands National Park with a big dune looming ahead of them.

Kristina had a goal to visit all 50 states and for her visit to New Mexico she wanted to make sure that the scenic dunes were one of her stops. She told me that they have visited 32 states at the time and while they have fond memories of their trips they don't have a lot of photos. She hired me to take photos of her and her boyfriend enjoying the dunes.

A couple embracing each other at White Sands National Park.

The wind did kick up at the time of the session forcing me to take shots in different angles so that the wind wouldn't kick up hair and make it an editing nightmare. We walked to different spots around the area I like to shoot and got different scenic shots for her.

A couple holding each other at White Sands National Park with the Organ mountains in the background

This photo shows how vast the dunes are that go on for miles with the mountains faintly in the background. They are obscured a bit due to some of the dust in the air from the wind but we still managed to get in many photos for her.

A couple kissing during sunset at White Sands National Park

I got a couple of sunset photos for her including this one of them sharing a kiss. I'm often asked for sunset photos as my portfolio has quite a collection of them. In this shot the sun was setting into the mountain behind them but what I loved about this photo was her foot kicked back as she enjoyed his kiss.

Kristina was elated when I delivered her photos and messaged me that they were exactly what she wanted. She even left me a nice review.

"Knowledgeable photographer who made me feel very comfortable during our photoshoot. She assisted me with poses and was very helpful. She has a good attention to detail and made feel beautiful."

I always enjoy getting couples, families and sometimes just individuals that come from all over the country to have their photos taken at this gorgeous location. Portrait sessions like these fall under my Scenic Portrait packages on my website which have a few options but I can always customize as well.

If you would like photos at this amazing location you can always place an inquiry on my booking site and we can plan out your unique experience.

I hope to hear from you soon.


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