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A smash cake session to never forget

For Aaron's smash cake session mama wanted an elephant theme. We used a cloud banner that spelled out "one" and I took photos of Arron holding the letters O-N-E so that we could make a collage of it. I also went with a grey backdrop and floor to match the theme.

Cake was provided by Monicakes for this special smash cake that had an elephant on the cake as well as the number one. Baby blue ribbon adorned the cake as well for the final touches.

It wasn't long after we placed the cake that this little guy started tearing into it. He stayed pretty focused on the cake and it made it easy to take multiple photos of him enjoying it. He did get quite a bit on himself but he was enjoying himself.

There wasn't much left of the poor cake after he was done. He used all his hands and feet to help smash the cake but he enjoyed himself and stayed happy throughout the shoot that we got many different photos of him to provide mama.

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