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Maternity - Claudia - Studio and White Sands

Updated: May 4, 2019

Maternity photo shot in studio with mama wearing a shear tulie gown against a dark backdrop
Studio Maternity photography

Many people love the Maternity photos that I shoot out at White Sands but I'm starting to show more interest from clients for in studio maternity as well. For Claudia we did a little bit of both the same day. For this first shot we tried a new dress I had picked up from a new dress designer. It looked so beautiful on Claudia.

Maternity photography shot with husband in studio against dark background and black outfit.

Claudia lives in El Paso and made the journey with her hubby for her maternity photos. This would be their first child and she wanted to make it special. We started out in studio where we could control the lighting and other elements of the session. I tried out one of my new darker backdrops that I had ordered for studio maternity.

Maternity photo taken at White Sands National Monument wearing pink maternity gown.

After we were done in studio we headed out to White Sands National Monument where we did the second half of this maternity session. Claudia had one of her one dresses here that we shot in. We got a few shots of her and hubby together but I love this landscape shot of her where you can see of her and white sands beauty.

Maternity photography at White Sands National Monument with Pink lace gown

Speaking of beauty I got this close up shot of Claudia and she is just stunning in this photo. Here she is wearing one of my pink lace gowns.

Maternity photography of El Paso woman taken at White Sands National Monument wearing a Pink Lace gown

I'm so glad that Claudia took advantage of my maternity special I was running and upgraded her session. We got so many different photos to use that I had a tough time picking out which ones to show for this blog. You can easily pick up a session similar to Claudia's by taking advantage of my standard maternity package. This allows you two outfits and we can easily do one in studio and one out at White Sands or another location of your choice.

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