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Couple Portraits - Cade and Jessica

Even though I specialize in Maternity and newborn photos I always enjoy a good couple session. Cade reached out to me many months in advance and booked his session and requested that we do his photos and Grindstone lake. I hadn't been there before so I wasn't sure what to expect. When I arrived I saw families enjoying the scenery, some fishing and plenty taking walks. We had a light dusting of snow around the lake and the water was just beautiful.

I spoke with both of them and you could tell that they were in love. We had originally planned this to be a proposal session but Cade just couldn't wait to ask Jessica to be his wife. He still wanted to celebrate with some engagement photos.

We walked around the lake and found an area where we could get up among the trees. We got off the trail and walked a bit and Cade used this secluded little spot to steal a kiss from his fiance.

I can tell this couple is going to be very happy with each other. I probably won't see them again since they are both out of town and happened to book me knowing they were going to be vacationing in the area. I enjoyed participating in this important part of their lives. I wish them the best in the future.

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