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Couple Engagement Portraits - AJ and Michelle

I really enjoy doing couple portraits so when AJ told me he wanted to do some engagement photos at White Sands I was very excited. This couple had been on vacation and touring around in fact the day before they were at the Albuquerque International Balloon fest and then drove down for this photo session.

This couple was just so natural around the camera and with each other and you could tell how much they really loved each other. I learned that they have been a couple for many years and just recently gotten engaged while vacationing in Hawaii.

Originally AJ was going to propose in our couple session but he couldn't wait to pop the question and did so a couple of weeks before our session. He said he wanted to do an engagement session then so it was still a special moment for them both. I still wanted a proposal shot so he got down on one knee for this shot.

I also learned that AJ was a nurse at UCLA and his fiance was a nurse practitioner at the VA center in Los Angeles. They are a young couple and have accomplished so much already. I can only imagine what the future holds for them.

She was sporting a gorgeous ring as well they shined almost as much as she did. It was clear this couple was in love and I expect great things for them in their future.

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