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Maternity - Monique - Mountains and White Sands

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Deluxe Maternity sessions are one of my favorite sessions because we get to try so many different dresses and I tend to go to multiple locations as well. For Monique we started out first in the mountains where we happened to have a little dusting of snow.

Monique husband participated in her shoot and had shirts to match with her dresses. Monique had visited me a few weeks before her session and planned out which dresses and which locations we would shoot at. Monique wore actually two dresses for this shot. Both were hunter green and one was a sleeveless covered belly dress and on top we put this open belly long sleeve dress. It makes a great combo.

You could tell how much he loved his wife and how excited he was for his unborn child. Here we did one of my favorite poses with both of them forming a heart with their hands.

For Monique's second dress she wore my mustard bell sleeve dress. The color just worked so well with the green of the trees and this mama was just glowing in this shot.

Hubby came in to kiss his stunning wife in this photo.

The second part of our session we went to White Sands National Monument where Monique wore my white lace dress. The sun was starting to set and created a beautiful glow on her skin.

I had to take another photo of this gorgeous couple and hubby had another shirt picked out for this dress as well as another hat.

For her fourth dress Monique wore the Raspberry open belly sleeveless dress which is favorite of my clients. This just happens to be one of my favorite shots though in this dress. The hat, flowers and her pose just really nailed this shot.

The love between this couple was just so strong I enjoyed taking photos of them together. I'm so glad Monique made the trip from Las Cruces and spent the day with me. We have some amazing photos of her and hubby that she should be able to treasure forever.

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