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Newborn - Fur baby with baby boy

One of my favorite things to do is to photograph newborns and this session was very special since it was my first newborn in my brand new studio. When mama first reached out to me I hadn't even opened my studio yet and she had a special request.

She wanted my middle package that includes family which often we have baby's other siblings along. She told me she didn't have other children but would like to bring her dog which is a husky. Personally I love dogs but I didn't really have that much space in my original studio. My new studio is now 1200 square feet so I have plenty of room. Their husky was so well behaved but he was a little excited as well. Look how cute they are together.

This little guy is just so adorable I had to get up close and get his cute little face. It was exciting having my first newborn in the new studio with the extra space it was easy to have three sets ready to go.

I moved him over to the bean bag and took quite a few shots of him there. Here he is holding onto one of my little felt hearts. So endearing. Mama had requested grey for this session and fortunately I had plenty of it.

Speaking of mama look at how she is glowing. This couple were so sweet with each other. You can see how excited they are to be starting a new chapter in their life.

We got some great photos of each parent holding baby as well. This is one of my favorites of dad holding his newborn baby boy. Our first session in the new studio was a success. The extra space made it easier to do the family shots. I'm now starting to get lots of requests to do large studio session for families that want to get pictures for their walls. I'm easily able to do this now with the expanded space.

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