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Maternity - Melina - At the creek

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

This is the second session to Melina's Deluxe Maternity session. For the second day we went down to the creek and picked out a few more dresses to wear.

For the first part of this day we started out with a long mustard dress. This dress covers the belly and has a long draping tail. We took this photo by a very old big tree by the creek.

I loved this little spot as the water went around her on both sides. The background is almost as stunning as this beautiful mama.

For our second dress of the day Melina wanted this white open belly dress. We relocated a little further down the creek to get a new look of the flowing water.

She did so well in this session it was like working with a model.

Hubby was there as well admiring his beautiful wife and cheering her on throughout the session.

There were so many goregous photos in this session. I really wish I could share them all. Melina was brave and sat here with the cool water.

This was the second session for her Deluxe Maternity set if you want to see her first session you can see it here.

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