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Maternity - Briana - Studio Maternity

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

I had ordered quite a few new dresses during some Black Friday deals. So when I spoke with Briana about her maternity shoot I asked if she was willing to spend the extra time to model a few and she did. One that just came out wonderful is our Plumb colored Boho style dress. This one just came out wonderful.

Another dress I had her try was a nice floral print that I had. She looked stunning in this. I modified the backdrop to give it a different look.

I asked for a little attitude in this photo and she delivered. She modeled my new read shear dress.

I had purchased this red velvet dress for a winter shoot so I felt it was fitting to shoot this with a Christmas backdrop. Briana was accomdating to allow me the time to swap out the backdrop and put up all my props for this shot. It was the last shot of the session. We got to try out many dresses which helped me catalog several of them. Briana was a real trooper since this was a long session. During her visit we even planned out her newborn session which we knew would be in a few weeks. You can check out the newborn session here.

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