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It's not too late for a smash cake

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Got another request for a smash cake and this time the client wanted a pink and purple theme. I also found out that our little princess was a little older than one and mama wanted to go back and do an awesome smash cake session for her daughter.

This was going to be a two sets smash cake session. The first set was our pink set that I styled after a sweet shop. I got to borrow some decorations from my good friend Marie and used some things I just recently picked up.

The butterflies in the background I ended up making myself and I just love butterflies so I filled up the backdrop with them to add some additional color.

For the purple set I wanted to try a new purple to see if it bring out some of the features of the set. The banner, garland streamer and even the beads were all done by me. Balloons were supplied by Uptown Rentals Party Connections.

Here she is offering me a piece of her cake. How can you resist that face?

The parents really enjoyed the sets and eventually her big brother joined in to help eat the cake. I think the new purple came out great and may try it again in another session mixing up new colors.

Unfortunately my baker was away on vacation enjoying some well deserved time with her hubby so I had to source this cake from a grocery store. I wasn't happy with what I got but when you order from one person who relays a message to another what can you expect. I decided at this point I needed a backup baker.

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