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Family - what to wear for your photoshoot

Coordinating outfits for family and engagement sessions is sometimes hard to do, so here are some good tips to remember:

  1. Wear the same “type” of clothing. If one person is wearing casual shorts and flip flops and another family member is wearing a suit and tie, obviously the picture will look a little off. Keep all outfits casual/semi-casual, or dressy so you actually look like you belong in the same picture.

  2. I always tell mothers to find something that you look great in first, and then look for coordinating clothing items for everyone else. We are much harder on ourselves than we are on our kids and husband/partner.

  3. Dress for your shape: Wear clothing that looks flattering with your body type. If you feel self-conscious about your hips and thigh area, don’t wear skinny jeans. You will hate your pictures. Instead, stick to wide-leg trousers and add some fun heels.

  4. Coordinate, don’t match. You want to wear clothes that coordinate with each other, but you don’t all want to wear the same matching shirt. Wearing all the same color can be boring, drab, and not appealing to look at. The entire point of getting pictures done professionally is because you want some nice keepsakes. Don’t spend money on boring pictures. Switch it up by choosing a few different colors and coordinate the outfits accordingly. Here is a great example of coordinating your family outfits. They focused their color choices around chocolate brown, dark blue, light blue, and white/cream.

  5. Layer! Layering looks great in pictures, and makes you look better too. Add a nice structured jacket, necklace, belts, scarves, hair accessories, earrings, and killer shoes to top off your family looks.

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