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Children - Prepare them for their photoshoot


Grab everything you have in bold colors and patterns; no logos or cartoon characters, and we’ll put together outfits. Really! The camera loves bright, happy, youthful clothes. Polka dots, stripes, kid-prints, and fun fabrics with lots of texture like summer cottons, sweaters, knits, corduroy, and denim.

Layering adds depth and appeal to an image, so try sandwiching short-sleeves over long, or wearing a jacket or sweater, tights or leggings with a dress or skirt, etc. Simple is also nice; a flowing dress or plain tee and jeans.It’s important for kids to have at least one small part of their outfit reflect their personalities.

Bring that item she’s attached to lately; a hat, or a fun dress/skirt, necklace, or cool shoes. By-the-way, don’t be surprised (or offended) if I ask your child to remove her bows or ponytails. Maybe your little guy insists on wearing a favorite t-shirt or pair of boots nearly everyday; let him bring them along!

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