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Smash Cake - Wyatt - Safari Boy

Safari theme 1st birthday shoot

It's always special to get a chance to document your little one growing up. I have been doing milestones for Wyatt for the past year and it was finally time to document the important milestone of his first birthday. After speaking with his mother we opted for the Safari theme.

Safari Smash cake photo

I ordered this cute cake from Monicakes that fit the theme perfectly. I don't have too many shots of the cake because Wyatt tore right into the cake. It crumbled perfectly and it obviously was tasting good.

Little boy in Safari Smash cake photo

It wasn't long before the top of the cake was destroyed. I had to keep trying to get his attention to get photos of him looking at me but he was really enjoying playing with the cake. Normally the kiddos will be somewhat interested in the cake and leave about half of the cake in still pristine condition.

Little boy smashing his Safari theme cake

That was not the case with Wyatt. There was nothing left of this cake. Towards the end I think he just beat the cake into crumbs but he had a blast and that's what it's all about. Normally I offer the rest of the cake to the family but there seriously wasn't anything left to offer. The cake in his hair actually got them because he was hitting the cake so hard crumbs were flying up in the air and everywhere. I think towards the end I was laughing far too much but we got a lot of great photos of this little guy and had fun doing it.

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