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Newborn Photography - Damian - little Fox

Photo of newborn baby in a fox costume laying under a tree

Many people just loved my Rainbow Maternity session that I did for Sara so I wanted to do something special for this little guys newborn session. Mama actually liked my fox costume so we first got him in the costume and got him fast asleep and took some pictures. I later added him to this digital backdrop to make this session just a little more special.

Newborn baby boy in fox costume laying on flokati rug

Of course to make a photo like that I first had to start out with some basic photos of him in the costume that I could later use to add him to the digital backdrop. Here is another example of him in the costume fast asleep and looking so adorable.

Photo of newborn baby boy in denim sock hat laying in a bucket.

I then did another set for this little guy where I put him in a bucket, stuck a few blankets underneath and draped a cloth on top. I also had him wear this dungaree sock cap for the finishing touch.

Newborn family photo.  With mom holding her newborn baby.

We also do a few shots with mom and dad with this little guy to complete the set. I'm looking forward to working with Sara even more and watch this little guy grown up and documenting it for her.

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