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Newborn photo session for Kodence

Newborn baby girl laid in giant pink flower and wraped in pink wrap with butterfly

I like to use new props and backgrounds for new newborn babies and this time I made this giant flower to place little Kodence in. It was the first time I used this so I was quite happy with how it came out. I'm often asked for pink for little girls so I wanted to try something different to help the session look unique.

newborn baby wrapped in a flag colored scarf and laying in a military uniform

So this little girl is a military baby we put her in her parents uniform and I of course blanked out the name for a bit of privacy. This shot is a pretty common request and I often encourage the families to do something like this as it's a great heirloom photo.

Newborn baby in pink outfit, laying on pink flokati with a floral headband

After doing some of the special shot I moved on to the more traditional newborn photos that I tend to do. I put this little cutie in a wooden drawer with a pink flokati and had her wear a cute little pink outfit. I placed a floral headband on her head and draped a blanket on her.

newborn baby girl wearing princess crown in a pink outfit

I then re-positioned her and replaced the floral headband with a little princess crown. She was a good baby so I was able to do several different poses with her.

newborn baby girl in a little bed wearing a pink bear bonnet and holding a pink teddy bear.

One of the final setups I put her in a little wooden bed and placed a pink bear bonnet on her head, laid a pink mohair blanket on her and gave her a little pink teddy bear to hold. She was such a good little girl and I'm looking forward to seeing her in future sessions for her milestones.

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