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Newborn Photo Session - Rayla

Photographing newborns is just one of the favorite things that I get to do. This little girl had a cute little shirt that said "Dad is my Hero" while wearing a camo bow and pants. I placed her on a white flokati rug for this photo. We also did some personal images of dad holding his daughter in uniform and some of him just admiring her that I'm keeping private for the family but they were adorable.

I then moved her into a whit bucket with a lace fabric draped over her. Put her on my white wood floor with my blue floral backdrop. I then used this floral headband for her. This is more of a simple clean look.

A little closeup of that precious little face while she is fast asleep.

I also have a collection of floral bonnets and used one for her in this photo. I then thought of putting her in a digital backdrop as well so posed her for it and came out with the photo below.

I felt this digital backdrop fit the floral theme that I had going for her session and was a perfect ending to my editing session for her. Looking forward to photographing this little girl in the future for her milestone sessions.

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