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Newborn photo session for Josef

I really adore photographing newborn babies which is the main reason I opened the larger studio. With it I have room for multiple sets and can store many more props, wraps and outfits for the type of newborn photography that I enjoy doing. I was really elated to get a chance to photograph baby Josef because when I first established myself in town, several years back, I took photos of his mama. For this photo we used my blue blanket on the bean bag as well as a blue wrap and hat. He was fast asleep for this shot and gently laid his head and his arms.

For a second set I had him on this white flokati rug with my overalls and matching hat. I also had a little white bear for him to hold onto for this photo.

While he was on this rug I took some close up photos of his cute little feet.

I then moved him into a bed for another set and kept him in the same outfit with the bear but draped a different wrap over him for some neutral look.

I swapped out the bear for a foot ball and he held on to and had his hand back behind his head. It almost looks like he is dreaming of football.

I really enjoy working with someone for as long I have with mama and I'm looking forward to doing some milestone and smash cake sessions for this little guy.

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