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Minnie Mouse Smash Cake

Updated: May 26, 2019

Minnie and Mickey mouse are a common request for smash cakes and this little gals mama asked me to do one I wanted to try a new design. First off Mama had a cute little outfit for her daughter which was a tutu with the polka dots and I had matching red balloons to go with it. She also had a cute shirt that said "Birthday Girl" as well as a matching hair bow. I put a Minnie silhouette in the background with a hair bow as well.

We then put her in one of my outfits that I purchases specifically for Minnie Mouse Smash cake sessions along with a matching necklace. Mama supplied the hair bow. This was the second outfit and after taking a few with this outfit we switched her into her final outfit for the smash cake.

After changing her into her third outfit we brought out the cake that was designed by Monicakes. Which had the polka dots, hair bow and ears on top of the cake as well as a Minnie Mouse silhouette with a red one on it. Now we got her attention and she started testing out this cake.

Mama broke out with the baby shark song and this cuttie was dancing while grabbing bits of the cake and eating it. She started to get her mouth a little messy but hey we are having fun celebrating her first birthday.

She really tore into this cake and soon had it all over her legs and feet. Oh look there is even some in her hair after she took off her bow. Someone clearly had a good time celebrating their first birthday. I can't wait to see this little cutie some more and watch her grow up.

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