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Maternity session with Deandra at White Sands

Updated: May 26, 2019

Deandra reached out to me after winning one of my gift certificates in a silent auction that I donated to benefit the officers wives at the local air base. I was happy that she bid and won it because she knew she would need some maternity and newborn photos done. It was a win-win for everybody as the money went to a good cause and I got to photograph this gorgeous mama. She wanted part of her maternity photo shoot done at White Sands National Park. I was happy to oblige.

She picked out one of my combo dresses which is really two separate dresses that are both hunter green but you can wear them together to give a whole new look. The top piece can be worn by itself but as you can see it would be an open belly and it's also very shear. If you pair it with the fitted dress underneath you get a matching set where you can cover up but still show that perfect baby bump. This then allows the top piece to act as a beautiful train that will flow in the wind or can even be tossed.

Deandra brought the rest of the family with her which included hubby and her adorable daughter. We took multiple family poses with them. I even put the daughter in a matching boho dress that was the same color as mama's dress. I could use these dresses for some mommy and me type sessions as well.

Someone is actually rather excited to be a big sister and she is so adorable I bet she'll be a great big sister.

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