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Maternity session for MoniqueL in Studio and White Sands

For a complete maternity package I often recommend my combo package that has both a studio session and a scenic location session. The default package on this combo is one dress for studio and one dress for the scenic location. Monique thought at first she would just do the scenic location but later decided to add the studio for that more personal feel.

I'm so glad she went with it as she wore one of my couture gowns which just looked stunning on her.

We used this purple floral backdrop to fit with the gown and had many photos of Monique by her self and several with her husband. You could see there was a connection between these two.

After finishing up the studio session Monique picked out this red gown which hugged her and gave her round belly great definition while still accenting the rest of her beautiful curves.

The deep red also stood out against the white dunes of White Sands National Park. This gown has a mermaid tail that can get a small toss but I love how this dress hangs off the arms.

We shot quite a bit of photos out at White Sands and the sun was giving us lots of beautiful light to work with. Here hubby is down on one knee looking up at his gorgeous wife.

One of my favorite photos of their session as you just feel the connection between the two.

I always love it when I can see the setting sun at the dunes. For my couple shots I like to get one with the sun coming in behind them and in between them.

I also love to give the couples a beautiful scenic backdrop shot as well. A photo like this should be printed out on canvas and hung for all to enjoy. You can order your canvas directly through me and have it shipped straight to you.

Below you can see a behind the scenes video of Monique's maternity session both in studio and at White Sands National Park. You will also see even more final photos of her wonderful session.


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