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Mariah - Maternity session at White Sands and in Studio

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Maternity photo with expecting mother wearing a burgundy lace maternity gown and standing in front of a red floral backdrop.

Mariah's maternity session was a special one for me. First, her husband had surprised her with the maternity package and booked it for her and second, they both came down from Carlsbad NM for their session. I normally start talking with the expecting mother first during the time of booking to go over all the details with them such as what type of maternity package she would like and get an idea of what gowns she would want to wear. I also like to go over any other details with the mama such as any special requests that they have. Since I didn't get to have the initial consultation with Mariah, I just had her come a little earlier so we could go over her desires, try on the maternity gowns from my collection of over 170 maternity gowns, and pick out which would excite and compliment her at the same time.

Maternity photo with expecting mother wearing a burgundy lace maternity gown and standing in front of a red floral backdrop while looking down.

After going through my large collection of maternity gowns and finding out that she loved red I suggested that she wear this burgundy lace gown. It looked fantastic on her and I took quite a few photos of her in the studio for the first half of her session. Her husband had picked out my combo studio and White Sands maternity session. This allowed her to wear one gown in studio that she could do as a fine art or even more intimate type photos and then get a chance to shoot at the majestic dunes of White Sands National Park. I just loved some of the fierce emotions that her photos portrayed so I took several in the studio and then we picked out her second gown to wear at White Sands.

Maternity photo with expecting mother wearing a burgundy chiffon maternity gown at White Sands National Park.  The gown is flowing in the wind.

For the Scenic Maternity Portrait portion of her maternity photography session, she went with another burgundy gown made from chiffon that was long and flowing and again one of my new gowns. We had a bit of wind in the beginning of the session which allowed us to get certain shots with the gown.

Maternity photo with a couple kissing. The mother is wearing a burgundy chiffon maternity gown and her husband a blue Suite with red tie. The photo is at White Sands National Park.

After taking several photos of Mariah by herself it was time to add hubby to the session. I loved how he came in a wonderful blue suit that was also bold against the white dunes. People often ask me if it costs anything additional to add their spouse or significant other to the photos and I always tell them that it's part of my maternity packages.

A expecting couple embrracing during a maternity photo shoot at White Sands National Park.  One photo mama is looking at the camera while learning on her husbands arm.  the second photo she is gently touching his cheek as he leans over.

When I was photographing Mariah, I caught her hubby looking at her with such adoration and I could tell how special she was to her. He had told me that he had researched many other photographers in New Mexico and felt I was the right fit for them. He then told me that Mariah had told him later that she wanted to do a maternity session and he got to surprise her and let her know that he had already booked with me. Taking the stress off of her trying to find a photographer. He also explained that she wouldn't need to find a gown since I had quite the collection of maternity gowns.

A husband leaning on his wife's pregnant belly.  He is listen to his unborn child and closing his eyes.

I enjoyed spending time with this wonderful couple and came away with some fantastic photos for them. I created a video that includes behind the scenes photos of their session as well as more of their final photos.

You can book your maternity session at White Sands National Park or get more information by looking at my maternity pricing page.


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