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Maternity in the mist for Elise

Most of the time that you see my photos out of White Sands National Park you will see clear skies of blue or a bit of sunset. Some will see a cloudy day as ruining their photo session but in all actually it can create a beautiful soft light.

An expecting mother wearing a red tulle robe at White Sands National Park with a mist of clouds behind her.

On this day Elise picked out my burgundy tulle robe to wear at White Sands for her maternity photo session. We could see a mist in the background over the mountains that I normally capture the beautiful sunsets at. It was a bit chill on this day but Elise braved the temperature and we were able to capture these beautiful maternity photos.

An expecting couple embracing and looking out to their future at White Sands Natonal Park.  She is wearing a red tulle rube and him a red polo and khakis.

Elise has her husband join her maternity session. He wore a matching polo shirt with some khakis which worked great in this session.

An expecting couple embracing and connecting at White Sands National Park.

With the soft light the bold colors stood out more in this photo session. Even though I didn't have a nice glow of a setting sun this mama was glowing for me so comforted by her man standing by her side.

An expecting father listening to his unborn baby

As we were wrapping up our session we started to feel the mist on our skin letting us know it was about to drizzle all over us. Fortunately we had taken the round of photos that I like to take for my maternity mama's.

A maternity photo of an expecting mother looking back over her shoulder wearing a burgundy tulle robe.  The mountains with a light mist in front of her

One last photo of Elise where she braved the elements but now has photos that she can cherish forever.

You can see the behind the scenes of her photoshoot below or from my Youtube channel.


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