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Newborn Photo Session - Kyla

I recommend to my clients to book with me several weeks to months in advance of their newborn session. This is normally to ensure I have everything that they require for their session as some things can take awhile to arrive. For this cute little girl I was contacted a few days after she was born.

Her mamma said that she wanted mainly white as her theme and I could accent some of the photos as well with purple or teal. Fortunately I have a lot of white on hand and used my popular white wood backdrop for this session. I put her in a white bucket and draped a white lace wrap around her.

I tried a couple of different bonnets and hair bows to give mama a good selection of photos to choose from. This one stood out well against the white.

I had this floral bonnet as well that I got a chance to use. I thought they matched well with the accent flowers I added to the bottom. This little girl slept through her session and mama was amazed and called me the baby whisperer. I had a chuckle because not every baby cooperates but this sweet little gal did.

Since she was so well behaved I was able to get in some of the shots like this one of the feet. Such cute little toes and feet.

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