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Newborn - Fireman's Daughter

Newborn photography sessions are always special to me but sometimes we get to make them a little extra special. This time mama wanted to honor her hubby by having a fireman theme to the photo session. One shot we did was with baby sitting on the boots and clothing. Note that this is a composite photo so baby is actually perfectly safe on not actually on top of these boots.

Baby placed in the pocket of a uniform is often popular if you have the big enough pockets. It was great to get another chance to shoot a photo just like this. Great care is needed though to hold baby head gently. Dad was a champ in this session.

Mom brought this little cute Fire helm for her daughter to wear. I placed her on a pink blanket and added my pink bear to round out this photo.

Anyone that knows me knows I love flowers so I made this special photo as well. This session was mostly a custom session as mom and dad had certain photos that they wanted and came prepared to show me what they needed. I'm always up for doing something special and as long as you show them to me before the session starts we can plan around it.

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