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Newborn - Sienna - Little cowgirl

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Photographing newborn babies is such a joy. It's even more special when we photograph the newborn sibling of a baby you had previously. With Sienna that was the case it was just last year that we had photographed her sister Sedona and mama wanted to create a similar set. We went ahead and used the same saddle that we had Sedona's newborn session with.

I wanted to make some things different as well so I set up Sienna in the bucket with this cute flower bonnet. I completed the set with the white bucket, white scarves and white wood backdrops.

Mamma wanted pink as well so we did a potato sack pose with Sienna while wrapping her in this pink mohair fabric and adorned her with a pink little bow. I put her on my bean bag that was topped with a pink blanket.

I then laid her down while still wrapped and she squeezed out this cute little smile. I was fortunate to capture it at the right moment. She was just so cute and adorable.

I have been photographing her sister's milestone sessions and they have just been so wonderful I can't wait to get some milestone sessions with this cute little gal.

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