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Newborn - gone fishing

I enjoy getting a chance to use my boat and fishing backdrop since when Ana picked this setup I was excited. This was a deluxe newborn session with family split into two sessions. This set of photos is just from the baby only session.

I used a wool bump blanket under this little guy along with my fishing pole and put this cute little sailor outfit on him.

I also put this dungeree outfit on him and layed him on a wool type rug. He gave me no fusses changing him.

I just love my mohair outfits so I put him in this mohair overalls and sleeper hat. Used this blue flokati that I had picked up and positioned him on the bag for this shot.

Since he was doing so good we moved into the special newborn poses and this little guy was fast asleep allowing us to get the special froggee pose done for him. I'm looking forward to documenting this little guys first year starting with some future milestones.

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