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Newborn - Aaron - Cuddly Bear

I was so happy to have little Aaron visit me. I asked his mamma what colors she would like and she said blue and white.

I told her I had a few outfits in mind for him but she was worried that he may be a little big. When I saw him I just fell in love. I rocked him a bit to get him to sleep and he was just so adorable.

He actually fitted in one of my sack outfits and my little bear headdrop fit just fine. He had kept alseep for me in these poses and was really easy to work with.

This photo here got a lot of response on my page. Here he is wearing one of my blue mohair outfits holding a little grey bear while laying on the grey flokati rug. Such a sweet little baby. His size did prevent some of the other shots as I couldn't fold him over but I'm very happy with the photos I did get of him. I can't wait to see this cutie again.

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