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Maternity - Monica

When Monica first reached out to me she contacted me directly via phone. I had been used to many clients initiating contact via Facebook but she had found me through my website. She told me that she wanted a shoot at White Sands but wanted lots of color.

I then found out that she was coming in from Roswell which I was rather excited about since this was my first client from Roswell. We started discussing dates but I had a pretty full schedule but we eventually found a date that fit her needs that was open.

When she arrived the day of her shoot with her husband I had learned that he had flown in from Chicago for this session. I felt that was quite an honor to have someone travel that far to do a photo session with me. To top it off the day before the shoot it had been raining all day. There was concerns that it would be a bad day. It turned out that the clouds provided a nice damper to the sun preventing it from being to harsh.

Hubby was very supportive to make sure that mama got what she wanted out of the session. I really enjoyed spending the day with them and felt like we actually had a really good session even with the cloudy day.

#Maternity #WhiteSands #Roswell

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