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Senior Session - Haleigh - Winter

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Winter is here and it was time to do another session for Haleigh. This time we went up in the mountains near Cloudcroft. I knew we had some snow since I had just done a maternity shoot earlier at this location.

What I didn't plan on what another storm rolling in and dropping more snow. I also didn't plan on the 15 degree weather and high winds that gave us a wind chill of 1 degree. Haleigh, however, wanted to do this session and was a real trooper.

To compensate we took breaks to warm up back in our cars then stepped out again and took more photos. Here she was enjoying the snow after just getting warmed up.

The scenery was very beautiful and the trees would give us fair warning that the wind was about to kick up which would send us scrambling to warm up again. Haleigh wanted to be daring and wear her prom dress up in the snow. We warmed ourselves up in the car and then rushed out wearing a big jacket.

After taking off her jacket she posed for several photos. This is one of my favorites. I don't really know how she was able to endure the cold for as long as she did but her photos really came out great.

This was the third session with Haleigh since we have already done her Summer session at White Sands. We also did her fall session up near Cloudcroft as well. Our final session with be the spring session and I have something special planned for it.

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