• Adriana Spetter

Senior photos - Hannah - Day at the fair

It's very common for Seniors to want their photos done in either the mountains or White Sands but for Hannah she wanted to do something different and asked for her photos at the county fair. She had shown me some ideas that she had and I felt it was something we could definitely do so I was up for the challenge of doing her Senior photo session at the county fair. We met up at the fair a little before sundown to get a layout of the land and come up with some locations. The photo above is my favorite of her session.

We walked among the fair and found different spots to take photos. I wanted to capture some during daylight time and some of her ideas would be for later when it was dark.

We met back up as it got darker and finished up the second half of her session. Now we were going to take photos at the county fair in the dark while the booths and rides were lit up.

We went around the fair to the various rides and took multiple photos for her. The folks managing the ride even helped out with several shots helping make the shots easier.

The colors of the rides were also quite interesting and made for a fun changing scenery. This was my first night shot with my new camera so I wasn't sure how well the shots would come out but I'm quite happy how they did. With my previous camera the photos would have looked so grainy from the high ISO to make up for the lack of light but with the new camera I was able to get bright vibrant color in the low light. I'm glad Hannah asked for her session to be at the fair and to challenge me to try something new. Looking forward to another session for her later that should be more urban that should be fun.


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