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Senior Photos - Tara - White Sands

Tara is from San Antonio and booked her Senior Portrait session at the same time for his sisters Maternity session. Tara wore this stunning blue outfit that looked so great against the White Sand.

It was such a cute outfit that had a nice long flow to it and the color was so bold I just loved it. Tara of course just

looked gorgeous in it as well.

It was a bit windy that day as well but she didn't let the wind get to her and her photos just came out beautiful.

Tara had another outfit to wear for the second part of her session. This too just looked so cute on her and matched so well with the sand. We changed to a different floral crown for this outfit.

Such a beautiful young woman finishing off her last year in high school and looking forward to college and more. I wish her all the best.

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