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Newborn - Joeden

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

It wasn't long after Briana's maternity session that Joeden was brought into the world. Once again I asked Briana if we could try a few things. I had been wanting to do a photo with mama and baby snuggling together. This just came out wonderful I think.

Next was a new style I wanted to look into which I thought would make some very beautiful artistic photos.

Wanted to try out a new backdrop that we had picked up after finding many of the props. Since we found out dad loved cars we thought this would be a good photo for him of his new son.

The other part of our photo session included some bean bag poses with Joden wearing a cute little bear hat. He's sleeping so peaceful here.

Here he is holding a little bear. He was such a good baby and worked well with me on his poses. I hope I get to see more of this little guy in the future.

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