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Newborn - Lennard - Sleeping Pilot

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

I already had the pleasure of shooting two different Maternity sessions for Denise and Erik. The first being her Barely there in studio maternity. Then I did a second session of Denise at Whitesands wearing one of my popular gowns. For newborn I wanted to do something special.

I had previously ordered the backdrop and even the aviator goggles. I knew I needed an airplane to finish off this shot so I ordered it and Denise and Erik wanted to see how it went. I think everything fit great together.

Eric was also a Star Wars fan so I did a few shots in the Star Wars back drop for them. Using a few props I had purchased and even made.

They had a few ideas of special shots that they wanted and they picked up one of my larger newborn packages that gets more pictures so I was happy to try out some of these amazing shots.

Just love the fist bump that dad and baby are doing.

I have really enjoyed working with this couple. We did three sessions in such a short time and to top it off when Erik's family came in town we ended up doing a quick family photo as well. I really enjoyed taking these photos and meeting this couple. I can't wait to do milestones for this little guy.

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