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Newborn - Elena - Owl theme

This newborn session was actually arranged by Elena's Godmother as a surprise to her mother. So we secretly planned out some of the details and let mama in on a few of them.

I was told that this session needed to have an owl theme so I had picked up a few owls to place in the sets and mama brought the cute little owl hat.

I was told the colors we would do is pink and grey so I used my pink and gray blankets for this session. She just looks so sweet in this photo grasping that little owl.

The cute little hat had both pink and grey on it so it worked with with both fabrics that I had set aside. Elena was a perfect little baby. Mama did a great job prepping her for the session and we got many great photos of her. I'm hoping I get to do some future milestone photos or even her 1st birthday. Such a cutie needs her photos taken.

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